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ENT Cash Private Placement

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ENT is Korea's first entertainment industry ecology based on block-chain technology, launched by AIMHIGH (KOSDAQ: 043580). ENT is Korea's first world-class block chain application project. The future business of global entertainment will base on ENT to operate and ENT cash will be the common means of payment in the global entertainment industry.


The initiator is Aim high Global(KOSDAQ:043580)and many world-class superstars such as Running-Man, G-Dragon, Ozawa Maria, etc. have joined the ENT ecology.


ENT is a public chain, it will also establish a full range of entertainment ecology. ENT will become a unified digital payment platform, a unified intelligent contract platform, a unified social networking platform and a unified streaming media platform.

Initiator Website:
Initiator Website:
Project Website:
Total quantity:
1.6 billion
Market Value:

Signed Superstars:

Clara, G-DRAGON (right Zhi Long), Ozawa Maria, TAEYANG (Dongyong Pei), etc.


Institutional investment:

Kai Ying Network, AIMHIGH


Fund support:

Collion Star


Legal support:



Project information

Project AIRDROP will issue 240 million tokens, raising about 18 million US dollars.


The private placement ratio is:

1ETH = 4000 ENT


Private placement


Private placement and transfer deadline:

Beijing time (until full amount reached)


Participate currency:

ETH Minimum order amount: 5 ETH


Private transfer address:




The project is for overseas surrogate, language, time difference and other communication problems may exist, therefore:

If the amount of participation is cancelled, the full amount will be reimbursed and will not be liable for any other liability.

If the draw rate is less than 100%, fund will be issued in proportion to the token, the remaining part of the draw will be reimbursed.


Blockchain project is affected by technology, market, policy and other aspects. After the currency is transferred to the official designated address, any changes of date in issuing token, change of rate that are not caused by the team will not be held liable. Attendees who fill in this registration form hereby agree to the above statement.